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Four Easy Steps to $0 Brand Name Medications

1. Check Medication Availability

Search brand name medications to see if your Rx is covered under your employer’s plan.

1. Check Medication Availability

2. Set Up Your Account in Minutes

All we need is contact information, DOB, shipping address, and employer name. We do not ask for any insurance or credit card information.


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833.390.1043 and
register over the phone.

3. Obtain The Prescription from Your Doctor

Doctor submits Rx with refills. Make sure to have 30 days of the medication on hand while we ship your first order.

Have your doctor submit the prescription via:

Mail your prescription to the following address
Rx ‘n Go Beyond
PO Box 3003 Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 4B5
When mailing your prescription, please make sure it clearly shows your doctor’s name, address, phone number, exact dosage and your full name. Already have an existing prescription? Our pharmacy can work with your pharmacy to transfer it to Rx ‘n Go.

4. New Medication?

If this is your first time taking a branded medication, please request for your doctor to write two prescriptions

  • 30-days to be filled through a US retail pharmacy
  • Remaining year to be filled through Rx ‘n Go Beyond for free!

The processing and delivery of brand name medications from our Canadian pharmacy partner takes 3-4 weeks, which is why we recommend that you also request a 30-day prescription to be filled at your local pharmacy. This will help avoid a delay in your use of the medication for the first time.

3-4 Week Delivery

Delivery takes up to 4 weeks.

30-Day Prescription

We recommend requesting an
initial 30-day prescription
and remaining refills submitted
to Rx ‘n Go Beyond

We Have Gone Beyond US Borders and Made Prescription Medications More Accessible and Affordable

We are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of employees by making essential branded medications accessible and affordable.

  • Sourcing medications from Canada provides a significant savings for employers, so they can offer branded medications to their employees for free as part of their health benefit
  • All Rx ‘n Go Beyond branded medications follow standards that are equivalent and/or similar to the USA’s FDA approval and delivered in the original, manufacturer’s packaging
  • The Rx ‘n Go Beyond is a program to help facilitate the individualized importation of medications, allowing members to get the brand name medications they need for free
  • The Rx ‘n Go program is simple to implement for employers and use by employees

Just like our generic medications program, it’s a win-win!

Save with Rx ‘n Go Beyond

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